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What means accessible at Ximuwu Safari Lodge?

wheelchair safari wide.jpg

Being a short-term wheelchair user myself I have experienced that travelling can be daunting at times. It was on one of these trips that my wife asked me how people with a disability would go on a safari – something we have always loved doing together. We searched the Internet and asked around but we never got further than an organised bus travel in the Kruger National Park. My mother spent the last years of her life in a wheelchair and one of our favourite afternoons was a visit to a Zoo. I only wish I could have taken her on a real safari. 

For us it became obvious. Our new lodge would be totally accessible and enjoyable to all guests - wheelchair or not. 

We spent much time on the lay out of our new lodge. First of all we needed a level area and one thing was certain from the beginning - we would not compromise on aesthetics nor on accessibility. Obvious things like door-widths and adjusted toilets were easy but other issues like the need for sliding doors to have zero threshold so that a wheelchair user can easily go outside without any help proved a bit more difficult. We decided to bring in doors from Europe for that. To prevent our bathrooms from looking like a hospital bathroom  we imported bronze grab bars from the US and sanitary ware from Europe.

Inside the large suites all doors are either 1 meter wide or sliding doors. In the two rooms next to the central building we have additional paraplegic toilets in the bathrooms.

Showers in and outside with convenient tab location are 150 cm wide and have a large bench to sit on and a hand shower is provided. A bath lift is also available upon request.

The sink is easily accessible by wheelchair with enough room for the chair to slide under the sink for easy use.

Upon request we will also provide medical beds with a lift as well as a wheelchair for use on site all at no additional cost


  • A separate nanny/ nurse / pilot room is available on close proximity from the lodge at extra cost.

  • Butler service 24/7 and emergency buttons plus landline telephone in bed and bathrooms.

  • The central building has no sills or obstacles, large sliding doors and corridors. 

  • A barstool with lift brings you to the right height to enjoy our spectacular bar for a cocktail, excellent glass of wine or any other drink you like.

  • Access to our deck through a large ramp where our clear water pool is also easily accessible by a specially imported moveable pool lift.

  • Airport shuttle bus provides access through a ramp at the back of the vehicle and one BraunAbility seat swivels outwardly.

  • The game viewer is provided with two sliding seats similar to the swivel seat in the shuttle bus.

  • Photo-hide has adjusted door width and a platform for the wheelchair.

  • Our professional reverse-osmosis water plant removes sediment and desalinate our borehole water and provides you with clear water of the highest possible quality. (Certificate available)

  • The lodge has its own private runway (1km) to bring in guests with their own charter.

  • Custom build ramp to get our wheelchair guests on and off the vehicle anywhere in the bush.

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